We originally created this blog to keep family and friends updated about our little man Jacob, who was diagnosed in the summer of 2011 with a rare, life-limiting genetic disease called Niemann-Pick (type A/B). Jacob earned his angel wings on November 15, 2012, but remains our daily inspiration and constant reminder that we must live in the moment and fill each day with JOY, LAUGHTER and an abundance of LOVE.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A HUGE Thank you!!!

Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone who helped support our fundraiser for Jacob and the National Niemann-Pick Foundation! The jewelry fundraiser was a HUGE success and we're still collecting the last of the catalog orders, which are due tomorrow. I took Jake with me to the fundraiser, as I knew there were many people who were anxious to meet our little man. It was a little overwhelming for Jake at first because he doesn't like being around a lot of people or noise. Fortunately, our amazing nieces helped entertain Jake so I could mingle a bit, which allowed me the wonderful opportunity to chat with some of the people who have been supporting our family with well-wishes, prayers, and more! We are so grateful to those who have opened their hearts to our family and especially to Jacob. It truly means the world to us to know that our little man is making such an impact on the lives of others.

Jake and his cousins Helena and Kayla. He loves the girls!!

Jakers and Cousin Hailey - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pic!

Again, a very special thank you to Jacob's wonderful Grandma Sheila for coordinating the fundraiser and to Sue Brown for so graciously offering to donate a percentage of all sales to such a wonderful cause!! Our family is so very appreciative!!!

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  1. I'm so happy at how wonderfully proactive you guys ar. Wish I could have attended, but my heart is always with Jakey! I love you and LOVE that pic of him and cousin Hailey. Melts my heart

    Auntie Wee