We originally created this blog to keep family and friends updated about our little man Jacob, who was diagnosed in the summer of 2011 with a rare, life-limiting genetic disease called Niemann-Pick (type A/B). Jacob earned his angel wings on November 15, 2012, but remains our daily inspiration and constant reminder that we must live in the moment and fill each day with JOY, LAUGHTER and an abundance of LOVE.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A WonderFULL Life

It's with a heavy heart and tears flowing that I share about our sweet little friend Quinn "Quinny" Linzer, who earned her angel wings this past Friday, August 9th. I was traveling out of state to attend a funeral for my Uncle Arnie, when I received the sad news. A few days earlier I had found out that Quinn's disease (Niemann-Pick type A) had progressed very quickly to the end stages; similar to how Jacob's disease progressed, but it still came as such a shock. Quinn and the entire Linzer family had been weighing on my mind for several days -- foreseeing a future that no parent ever wants to experience and re-experiencing the grief of losing our own child just 8 months ago.

Quinn was just over a year old, and although her beautiful life may have been short, it was filled with wonderFULL amounts of love and amazing experiences. I've been truly inspired by the way Quinn's parents approached a most devastating situation and created a very special bucket list for their little cutie to ensure that she lived the most "wonderFULL" life possible.  The Linzer family showed so many of us what it truly means to PERSEVERE.

I don't believe I have ever shared this, but shortly after Kelly was born, the Linzer family sent us a beautiful Willow Tree carving of a young brother and sister. It was the utmost thoughtful gesture at that point in time and one we appreciated so very much! The carving sits in Kelly's room as a visual reminder that Jakey will always be her big brother looking out for her. I know Quinn will always be the sweetest angel looking over her parents and brothers, just as they did so lovingly for her.

All our love and prayers to you Linzer family -- Eileen, Brett, Colin and Reid!! Thank you Quinn for showing us all what it means to love and live fully.

Quinn's blog:

I am certain that any supportive words and prayers would be most appreciated.